How to Fix A Slow Start to A Healthier Lifestyle

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We are on day 5 of the new year now and I have only been disappointed in myself when it comes to my physical health.  As important as it is to me, I have not made it the priority it is.  I had a handful of goals that I said I would accomplish in 2020 and the others have been my priority in the first week of the new year. So, this post isn’t about what I accomplished this past week, but more of my action plan moving forward because that’s what is going to get me to put that first foot forward, followed by the second foot.

Last year, I focused on the program Bigger Leaner and Stronger; however, I did not focus on my cardio nearly as much as I should have.  In fact, I didn’t really do it at all.  Which is why this year, I will focus on my cardio prior to lifting weights and “looking good.”  Because what’s the point of looking good, if I can’t do anything with it?  This week I am on my night shift, which means first thing in the morning, I need to go for a run.  If I go early enough, and I still have the energy, that’s when I will lift weights.  My current goal for the first 3 months is to improve my pace.  An additional way, I’ll focus on my cardio is by not taking the elevator at work.  It’s going to suck at first, but in the long run, my body will be thanking me.

Nutritionally, I have been sub-par, as well.  I have gotten back into my smoothies I used to make in Texas, but I don’t set aside time in the day to cook the meals I planned to eat throughout the week.  Because I don’t set aside time, I end up throwing away the food because it goes bad.  This hurts us financially too, because I begin throwing away our money which is one of our priorities this year, to become debt-free.

Now that I have written my disappointing behaviors and lack of progress, how will I fix it?

Create a morning routine that involves doing cardio first thing in the AM or setting a specific time later in the day and sticking to it.

Drink a lot more water.  When I have a lot going on, I tend to lean on caffeine to help me through the day and accomplish all the tasks, but that ends up hurting me in the long run because I get extremely fatigued by the end of the day due to lack of water.

Cut out excess sugars.  This might be the most difficult for me.  I said I love my caffeine, but I love creamer in my coffee and I can’t stand straight black coffee.  Sacrifices are essential to push ourselves into greatness.  It’ll help save money and force me to drink more water in the long run.

Plan specific times to meal prep.  The planning is the easy part, finding time to cook is another.  More tasks are always popping up and seem to take priority over cooking, but that needs to change.

Drink more smoothies.  I think smoothies and juices will help me get the proper nutrition and will help keep me away from the junk food.

Use the stairs at work.  There are 15 flight of stairs from the bottom of my work, to where I need to go.  It will be painful at first, but a necessary step toward a healthier life style.

Fix and utilize bike.  I bought a bike about a month ago, but the hard thing is, I don’t know anything about bikes.  I mean, I only rode a bike twice in my life and now I find myself teaching myself how to ride a bike.  So, that saying, “it’s as easy as riding a bike,” doesn’t really hit home for me.  Now, I have an issue with the bike that I don’t know how to fix, so I’m going to have to look up how to fix it, so I can try to ride to work everyday.

Burn 1000 calories per day.  This is definitely something I had focused on before, but lately I have been consistently falling short.  My effort is waning and needs to get back on track.


If I stay true to these goals this week, you’ll see a much improved version of myself.  What fitness goals will you work on this week?  How do you improve your running?

What’s your excuse?


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