January/February Progress Report

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In the beginning of the year, I started off great on my goals; however, I was gone for a month and during that month, I had no internet connectivity, which made me fall behind in many of my goals.  I am now trying to pick up those pieces and start to run with it, but it will be a difficult road.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.  One big change we’ve had is that my wife finally got approved for her job and now she’s working.  The difficult thing is that she is always working the night shift which makes it difficult, not just for us to spend time together, but also in scheduling activities and going to the gym.  March will be filled with a lot of changes to adapt and overcome the obstacles in order to achieve each of my goals.
January and February Progress Reports (1)

Here is the progress I have made on my Goals for 2020:

  1. Be an exceptional presenter/educator: I finished the book I was reading and created a class to teach people how to be an exceptional presenter; however, I haven’t presented the class, yet.  In order to improve this goal in March I set out extra time outside of my noraml working hours to give classes and work on this goal.  As of right now, I have scheduled 9 additioinal hours to presenting/educating in March.
  2.  Become debt free: We’ve only had 2 months of the new year and we are off to an amazing start at tackling this goal.  We’ve knocked out over 4k of our debt with illustrations to help motivate us to get rid of it all.  We will continue knocking it out at our current rate, and we have a great chance of eliminating all of our debt before 2021.
  3.  Improve cardiovasuclar health and weigh a lean 185 pounds: This has definitely been a difficult goal to acheive so far.  With my wife working, it has become increasingly difficult to manage my time properly and allot time to go to the gym.  What I have been doing right is I have been walking to work and improving my nutrition to continue working on a healthier, lighter weight.
  4.  Become an effective swimmer: Again, with the same issues these past two months, I have found this task difficult; however, I do have a plan to get to the pool and bring my kids there as well.
  5.  Utlitze my planner: I cannot say how much I love my planner.  I have tried similar planners for the past 3 years and this one I think is perfect for me.  I am able to update it daily with all of my to-do lists and schedule changes and organize in a way that works best for me.  Love it.
  6.  Keep the kids engaged in activities: When my wife began working, we had to stop Blair from going to dance class because she wouldn’t go that often, but we have made schedule changes for March and she’s able to keep going to all of her activities.  It has also given us a chance to put Zoe into a great daycare where she gets to learn and socialize with other kids. We are still waiting to hear back from the Yochien for her acceptance into the school, but from what I was told, she should be good to go soon. I also was able to take Blair ice skating for the first time (it was also my first time)!
     Read 1 book per month: Right now, I am right on track with this goal.  I read The Exceptional Presenter and Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the last 2 months.  I will be writing blog posts on them shortly.
  7.  Write 3000 words per week:  I fell behind significantly in this goal and I think this is the one that hurt me the most.  Writing is what keeps me motivated throughout my weeks and it is a great stress releiver, too.  I expect this goal to get back on track for March.
  8.  Travel more this year: So far, because I was gone for a month, we haven’t been able to travel anywhere new, but we are in the process of booking our trips to the Philippines and Bali.
  9.  Improve followers on social media: The beginning of January started off great, but it took a dip in February.  I expect my social media strategy will be better in March and I can get back to where I should be to acheive the numbers I want by the end of the year.
  10.  Create a product: I have been so focused on work, family and goal number 1 that I haven’t made any time for this goal, yet.
  11.  Provide life coach services: The same as goal 11.
  12.  Reflect daily:  I have been off and on with this goal, but I am doing better than I have in the past year.  But “doing better” isn’t good enough.  I am not using my habit tracker and setting time aside daily to make sure that this happens.
  13.  Create a video: Same as goals 11 and 12.
  14.  Attend local classes and webinars: I have not attended any of these, yet, but I am looking into them for March.
  15.  Volunteer: Same as goals 11, 12 and 14.
  16.  Be a better husband: This is a near impossible one to write a point in which I stand in at acheiving this goal.  I would like to say that I have been getting better in some areas, but some areas is not enough.  By the end of March, I’ll be able to give you a better update on this.

I found it important to set at least one goal for both of my children to make sure that they continue to grow and learn.  Blair’s goal for March is to start to read, which means just working on sight words and small words.  Zoe’s focus is making sure she knows her colors and her numbers 1-10.

How did you do on your goals so far this year?  What changes have you made for March?  Stop making excuses and continue to grind for success. Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.



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