Invest In You

This has been a roller coaster of a year, so far.  Right now, we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading everywhere and striking fear into everyone.  The most important thing is to wash your hands and stay safe, bottom line.  My family and I have been affected by not being able to travel to the Philippines for our vacation and family wedding.  The wedding had to be postponed due to all of the travel restrictions and now we are all stuck at our locations with very limited mobility.  But what can we do in times like these?  Do we let the fear consume us and think about how the world is going to end?  No, the answer is: invest in you.  It sounds like there is more and more time to be focusing on improving yourself.  The focus of all this extra time that you will have at home and not in public spaces is that you can invest.  People are getting sent home and told to telework, others are getting sick and being quarantined and some are even putting themselves in self-quarantine.  You must look for the silver lining.  If it wasn’t dark, you would never know that there is light and where it is.  This can be a perfect opportunity for some.


What do I mean by invest in you?  You can think of that financially; however, I am no expert on finances and with the stock market consistently plunging, maybe not the best idea?  What I mean is improve yourself.  What is your specialty?  When was the last time you continued to work on your strengths?  If you’ve been following me for a while you would know what my personal philosophy is: Maximize your time and develop you skill set.  Right now, while you’re at home, you can be developing your skill set.  If you were on a team of 4 or 8 and given any task, what is it that you could offer the team?  Is it that you are good with linguistics or a good communicator?  Are you a passionate historian or extremely creative?  Whatever that skill is, you need to continue working on it.  A skill without work put into it is just a talent.  A skill must be worked on constantly.

What can we do to invest in ourselves?  Learn.  The answer is learn.  If you have a kindle, it is easy to get a handful of new books and read them.  Find books to read, find podcasts to listen to, watch how-to videos online, go to online school or pickup a new hobby.  But, some of us have families and having a family isolated for long periods of time can make them go crazy.  This is where you might need to get creative.  Find new things to do with your family.  Have a family gaming night and maybe throw in a lesson or to, i.e. monopoly and the use of money.  Go online and find some creative activities that you can share with your children.  Invest in your family.  Help them build themselves up as well.  Do some puzzles and help with their critical thinking.  Get some work done around the house that you’ve been putting off, but at the end of the day, be productive.  Invest, invest, invest.

If you don’t learn something new, each and every day, then you’ve wasted your day.  Your mindset is everything.  The actions you take during this pandemic can set yourself well ahead of everyone else.  While many people are cowering in fear, you can be improving yourself and you family.  Jump on the opportunities and make yourself better.  Invest in you.

12 thoughts on “Invest In You

  1. It’s good not even the virus can stop your words of wisdom. These are challenging and difficult times but all we need to do is take extra precaution and most importantly pray to our merciful God that this will blow over soon.The world has been in similar situations before in the past dating back to the mid 1300’s when the Black Death wiped out millions and this was before the dawn of modern medicine but mankind has weathered the storms and survived time and time again we need to do our best to be calm,stay positive and have a sense of normality because life goes on humans are survivors this is why we are on the top of the food chain with God’s guidance man will defeat this evil virus. May God bless you all and your families.

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  2. I agree with you completely – even though there are restrictions on where we can go physically, we can still continue to learn, create, and deepen our relationships with our family while we stay within our homes.

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  3. Outstanding post, well done Matt! Couldn’t agree more, invest in your self. Because your own time and effort will determine your level of success.

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