Surround Yourself With Greatness

This week I am taking a course discussing equal opportunity and today we specifically discussed socialization and the things that you cannot change about how you were raised.  There are many different ways that we get our values instilled in us, starting with our parents and our family, followed by friends, school and now, the internet and social media.  Who you surround yourself with will impact you the most, so why not surround yourself with greatness?  Whatever your dream is, you need to find people who have a similar dream, a complimentary dream or the values and intangibles required for success.  If you surround yourself with procrastinators, you will be a procrastinator just like them.  If you surround yourself with people who are always looking through a negative eyes, then you will remain a pessimist.  You cannot do everything alone.  Surround yourself with greatness.

Surround yourself

There are things that we cannot change.  These are the values and experiences that were handed to us from our family.  Sometimes they can be great gifts and other times, they can hold you back, if you let it.  For example, during my childhood, it was a rarity that we were allowed to go out and hangout with friends, due to the concerns that our friends were bad influences or would show us values other than what we were raised on.  You can look at it in the aspect that we did not inherit any bad values; however, we did not gain any good habits either. Being held back in the home capped our success very low.  We could not continue to grow socially because our circle was simply our immediate family.  Any values and habits that they had, were what we were given.  In order to truly grow, we had to leave the home.  We had to find people to surround ourselves with that would inspire us in a different way and help further instill the right values.

You cannot allow your circle to hold you back, even if that circle is family.  How many times have you had an idea and your family or friends told you not to pursue it, that you could never achieve it successfully?  Network.  Find people who have the skillset you desire and study them.  Learn from them.  Instill the new values and skills to become great.  You always have the opportunity to be great, you just need to push yourself and surround yourself with greatness.

Take a look at your circle.  How do they make you better?  How do you make them better?  If you need to make changes, then make the changes, but continue the grind to greatness.

What’s your excuse?

2 thoughts on “Surround Yourself With Greatness

  1. It is true some parents are annoyingly over protective to the point it’s unbearable and to be fair I believe most parents have good intentions and really just want to look out for their kids. But you are right most of those who succeed in life take a leap of faith and venture into new territory.Sometimes we need to ignore or block out the critics and naysayers and whatever goals you set or it’s just plain old gut feeling try to go for it you never know where calculated risk will take you and having a back up plan or two always comes in handy. Be safe Matt and may God be with you and your family.


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