Take Advantage of Your Time

A couple weeks ago when COVID-19 started taking its toll, I wrote the blog post, Invest In You.  Now, many people are still on lockdown, in quarantine and probably running out of shows to binge watch.  (Hopefully, you’re staying home and avoiding this sickness.) But, right now, you have a huge opportunity to still accomplish things.  You can be working on all of the things you have been putting off and making excuses for.  Take advantage of the time that you have and look for the silver lining.

This is an opportunity to get back on track with some of the things that you have been off track with (other than Netflix).  While you are staying home, you can take care of your home, do some spring cleaning, complete that home project you’ve been putting off or even start a new hobby.  You could be watching videos, listening to podcasts and learning something new.  Don’t complete your time at home wasting your time, yet again.

Write down the things that you need to get done or improve in and focus on that list.  If you haven’t been active on your goals, write down why.  If you haven’t written down any goals for the year, then start with that.  If you need ideas for goals, check out my 2020 goals.  Take the goals you write down and make an action plan for it.


Be active! Many people are posting workouts that you can do at home since many people cannot go to the gym right now.  Take advantage of the time! If you really can’t stop binge watching your show, take a break between each episode and do something active such as crunches, a plank or pushups.

Many people are just taking the easy way out with the quarantine.  Don’t be that person! If success was easy, everyone would be successful.  You have to make some sacrifices, but in the end, it will be worth it.  Put in the time and take advantage of this time.

2 thoughts on “Take Advantage of Your Time

  1. That’s right Matt now is the perfect time to make time for the things we want to do before but can’t because we don’t have time and time wait’s for no one.Be safe and God bless.

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