March Progress Report

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March has been one crazy month and not necessarily in the good way.  Covid-19 has taken over out lives and held us back in many ways, but in other ways gave us opportunities.  Taking advantage of those opportunities is what sets the successful people apart from the non-successful.  I think the biggest progress I made was in my social media and blogging activities, but I’ll explain that below.  What was your biggest achievement of the month?

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Here is how my March went:

  1. Be an exceptional presenter/educator: This month is when I started giving more formal classes.  I would come into work an hour early and offer classes to anyone that wanted to attend and fortunately I am getting around 9 people per class which is a big enough audience to still work on my skillset.  I was able to accomplish teaching 7 formal classes and a handful of informal classes.
  2. Become debt free: COVID-19 hit so hard, that my sister-in-law had to postpone her wedding until next year. She was supposed to have it next month, but every country is being put on lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. The silver lining for us is that we took a lot of the money we were going to spend on our vacation and put it toward our debt, doubling our efforts from January and February! I don’t expect the same results in April as our paychecks our smaller, but it’s a great feeling to look at our chart and see the progress we are making on our lives.
    Improve cardiovasuclar health and weigh a lean 185 pounds: As soon as I come up with a better workout plan and begin to follow through, feces hits the oscillating device.  I’ve had to consistently change my workout plans; however, April will not be the same.  We have recently gotten a jogging stroller for free and I intend to use it.  Unfortunately, it’s a one seater and I have 2 children, so I’ll have to figure that one out. With exercise, comes nutritional balance.  Almost every other day, the kids and I have been making smoothies. We usually have it after dinner as a dessert.  At one point, I asked Blair what she wanted for dessert.  She said, “oh…I want ice cream.” I said, “Ice cream?  What about a smoothie?”  She got a big smile on her face and said she would rather have a smoothie.  When we make the smoothies, I get both Blair and Zoe involved and while it’s blending they jump up and down with excitement.
  3.  Become an effective swimmer: I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure the pool is open right now with everything that is going on.  All classes and most training opportunities have been closed down.
  4. Utlitze my planner: I’m using it a lot more and able to keep track of all the important dates, which means I can accomplish more.  I have a running to-do list and I’m able to take items off of my to-do list and assign them to a specific day to be completed by.
  5.  Keep the kids engaged in activities:  Unfortunately, Blair’s dance class and one of her afterschool activities have been canceled until further notice because of COVID-19.  The Yochien is still going to be going on, (as of right now), with a start date of April 7th.  Zoe will be able to go with Blair this time.  Zoe has been putting on Blair’s uniform in preparation of going. We’ve also been doing a lot more activities at home such as painting and arts and crafts.  I’ve given Blair a task to get her reading more often.  We have a chart and after she reads 100 books, she will be allowed to go to the store and buy a toy.  She already knows what she wants: Aurora’s dress.  For Zoe, her task is completing her flashcards, but with the same end-goal.
  6. Read 1 book per month: This past month, I have not been focused on one book, but rather work publications.  My focus was to reinforce my knowledge base of all of the classes I was teaching.
  7. Write 3000 words per week: I am catching up to this goal.  I have done better in the month of March then I did in January and February, but April will be a lot better.
  8. Travel more this year: COVID-19 has put this goal to a screeching halt.
  9.  Improve followers on social media: So, this is an interesting goal to discuss.  My Facebook following is significantly better and I am currently, just shy of 500 likes! My WordPress followers has improved too, just shy of 200.  I did not put forth any effort into my Instagram this past month, so nothing has changed their; however, I think the most interesting topic is Pinterest.  My focus on Pinterest was to improve my following, but I have less than 30 new followers this month.  What I did notice was a huge spike in views on Pinterest.  Before March, I believe my best was around 12k views, but as March came to an end I was at 30k! I see the errors in my way.  Instead of focusing on followers on Pinterest, I am going to focus on views.  I would love to see that number hit 100k by the end of April!
  10. Create a product: No Progress
  11. Provide life coach services: No Progress
  12. Reflect daily: Reflecting daily means writing something down, not just thinking about it.  We can think about our day all the time, but the point is to improve upon our days.  Writing down our reflections gives us a baseline to show our progress.
  13.  Create a video: No Progress
  14. Attend local classes and webinars:  I did not attend any webinars; however, I did attend a course for work and it was a great 4 day class.  We had several different speakers and it gave me different perspectives to look at when it came to teaching and helping people.
  15. Volunteer: No Progress
  16. Be a better husband:  With my wife now working, it is difficult to find time for the two of us to spend time together.  When we do, it’s when I work on Saturday morning, because we have Friday and Saturday night together, and I can sleep in on Sunday mornings.  I think the best way to continue showing her my love is by taking better care of the kids and through acts of service.  What I mean by acts of service is to take care of the daily chores plus more, that way when she comes home, she can just get herself ready for bed and smile knowing she doesn’t have any extra work to do.  It’s the little things that will continue to strengthen a relationship.  Effort is always contagious.
  17. What progress have you made on your goals for the month of March?  Where do you need to continue to improve?  What adjustments are you making to action plan?  If you’re not making progress on your life, then what’s your excuse?
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