How Will You Face Adversity?

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With every step we take, there will always be someone to tell you that you can’t do it.  There will always be  something holding you back, so what will you do when that happens?  What will you do when you have a goal to achieve and some obstacle presents itself?  Will you allow these obstacles to stop you?  Will you allow it to become your excuse?  You can’t! If you allow the obstacle to win, you will never reach success.  You cannot allow it to be an excuse and you have to find a way to push through.

People will see you make progress in your life and someone will always find a way to beat you down, so they can be above you.  It can be anyone.  It can be a friend, family, coworker, boss or anyone else.  You have to be willing to stand the storm and push through.  If I had a dollar for every time someone told me no, or that I couldn’t do it, I would have a handful of brand new cars.  What’s important is that we are still here and we still have fight in us.  We cannot give up on our dreams because of someone or something else.  We cannot listen to the naysayers and the critics because that means they would win.  We are too competitive in nature to allow them to win.

There are people waiting for you to slip, they are waiting for any mistake to prove that you aren’t up to the task. They need to be better than someone and they chose you to be the chosen mess up. They wait for a mistake and when it happens they exclaim it as loud as they can to prove their own worth while they attempt to destroy yours. See, these people have self-esteem issues. They lack confidence and they gain it by making others miserable. And while you’re down, they will be the ones trying to hold you there to ensure they look great! Don’t let that happen! No matter what, you cannot give up on yourself and you cannot give up on your success. Take that adversity and let it run through your veins. Eat the adversity for breakfast, lunch and dinner and ask for seconds! You can use that adversity to your advantage, you just have to manage your mindset. Focus on the road ahead because it will never be an easy one. You get up with every fiber of your being and you prove to everyone how great you are!

So, how will you face adversity? What can you do?  First, take a deep breathe, it will be alright.  Let the moment pass and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.  Don’t let the negativity consume you!  Don’t allow it to make you change your goal.  Change your plan of attack, never the goal.  If you need to step away from the situation, do it, then come back with a clear head and attack the situation.

don't let negativity consume you

Fight for your goals because your life depends on it! If you want to be successful then rise and grind! Don’t make excuses and don’t blame other people for your situation.  You have the ability to make your own opportunity.  Fight for you! Step up in the face of adversity.

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