My Blogging Journey

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I started my blogging journey in October of 2016.  I didn’t know a thing about blogging, but I somehow knew that it was what I wanted to do.  When I first started, I didn’t want to waste any money, especially since I didn’t really what I was getting myself into.  I opened up the free version and began writing.  No research, just put one step forward. What was my purpose?  What did I really want to do?  I wanted a way to write and some avenue to inspire people.

When I was younger, I would always see my older brother typing away.  He wanted (and still wants) to be an aspiring novelist.  Maybe it was the competitive side of me or maybe it was the fact that I saw how happy and invested he was, but I made the decision to begin writing, too.  I had written a few short stories and I was trying to write my own novel with my limited experience.  I wasn’t that big on reading because we never had any influence to read, so I would just write on Halo (really big at the time) and I would write “what if I could” stories.  It wasn’t until more recent that I realized why I really did write.  I wanted to write the light into my world.  I wanted to write the next chapter, the happy ending.  In a world where I didn’t know what was going to happen, how the day would be any different from the one before, I wanted to write something good and happy and write it into existence.

When I was younger, there were a lot of unknowns.  I started writing in 5th grade, shortly after I was able to get back in school after being homeschooled for a couple of years.  I would stay in from recess to write, I would write when I got home and I was able to get time on our computer.  I had nothing else.  Homework was easy.  I had no friends because I was never able to leave home.  It was a rough time.

After my freshman year of high school, I had stopped writing.  I can’t remember why, but I did.  I kept my writings in a box for safe keeping, but I felt like it was time to move on. Once I turned 20, I decided I wanted to inspire people.  I made a Facebook page to share quotes that motivated me.  Then, in October 2016, I did some research and I told my wife that I wanted to make a blog.  I wanted to work on my writing skills and my ability to communicate a message to inspire someone other than just writing quotes.  I wanted to create original content.  I called it “Healthy Dose of Motivation.”  I was very inconsistent with my writing and I had no audience.  I had no idea how to grow an audience and I got discouraged early.  Most of that was because I didn’t do enough research on how to grow it and I wasn’t as committed to it.  It was just a hobby and a way for me to feel good from time to time.  It was a way for me to vent and turn my obstacles into lessons and motivation.  I became inspired by a show that my wife started watching without me, Jane the Virgin.  It was a very well-written show about a woman who was an aspiring writer dealing with family life and other obstacles.  Her commitment to continue writing during the hard times are what inspired me to commit more time to my blog.

In 2013, I began doing online college to get my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Small Business Management.  I wanted to own my own business.  I wanted to have something that I would be able to hand down to my children one day and, again, something original.  I thought of many different things that I felt were my passion, but it always led me back to something involving motivation and the ability to inspire and help people.


At the end of 2017, I decided to take my blog and make it into a business.  Use it as a channel to reach people and put forth a lot more effort into it.  I decided to put money into my hobby and rename my website Melvin.  (Click here to find out why I called it Melvin.) I continued to learn as much about blogging as I could through Facebook groups, YouTube and reading books about blogging.  My schedule was inconsistent and I still didn’t know much about blogging.  With more research and more effort, my blog has improved significantly into something worthy for people to read.  I continue to make the appropriate changes to increase the quality and readership of my blog.

My goal has been to create a business model similar to that of Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins.  I still aim to do that; however, it needs to be my own unique model.  I’ve taken myself outside of my comfort zone, improved my knowledge on businesses and blogging, improved my ability to communicate and I get to do it all in a way that makes me feel good.  If you love your work, then you aren’t really working, you’re just living the best life.

If I can overcome the obstacles that I have, then so can you.  No more making excuses, blaming things on your past, on people or things you can’t control.  It’s time to make the most of your life.  Your journey starts with one step forward.  Make that step today, not tomorrow.  If you have the mindset of doing it tomorrow, then you will say that everyday and never start.  Start now!  What’s your excuse?

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