High Risk, High Reward

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We all strive for the answers, we strive for success and we want it immediately.  We wish we didn’t have to put any work in and wake up one day with our problems solved.  When we aren’t doing that and we look for a path moving forward, we take the longest path and we take it very slowly, hoping not to break or change the path.  We accept these long drawn-out solutions because we are worried of taking one step forward and two steps back.  But if we are always walking around like we are on eggshells, how will we ever find the destination we call success?  If you never take a risk in your life, you will never be successful.  Success will always be out in front of the marathon and you have to find a way to catch up to it.

Those who don’t take risks, don’t see any reward.  They see meager progress and they feel good that there’s progress, but then that progress plateaus because it’s such short progress.  Let’s talk about what these high risks are so we don’t get confused.  I’m not telling you to take supplements or steroids when you go to the gym, what I am saying is sacrifice some of those guilty pleasure foods.  What I am saying is make the sacrifice by improving your nutrition, especially when you first start going to the gym and make the decision to improve your fitness.

What I am saying is stay up a little later and continue studying.  Study that business proposal, study for your test tomorrow so that way you can get an A, instead of a B.  That A can make all of the difference for your future.  Tell your friends you can’t hang out with them tonight so you can continue working on you.  You might lose some friends, but that reward will be worth it.  High risk, high reward.


If you continue to go through your life and play it safe, you will never know what success looks or feels like. You will never know what it’s like to be great and you will never reach your true potential without taking risks.

Consider a hobby that you have.  Can you take a risk and make it into something more, such as a blog, making crafts, fixing cars or designing?  What high risk can you take now that could help you on your journey to success.  What excuses are you making that prevent you from taking that risk?  Fear?  Overcome the fear.


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