Stop Being Average

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We all have a dream and we all want that dream to come true.  We aren’t going to get it by being average, by doing what everyone else is doing.  They don’t want the same dream as you, so their efforts are going to be placed somewhere else.  If you want it, you need to dedicate every fiber in your being into becoming successful.  You have to become obsessed with success.  Stop settling and start raising your standards.  It is so easy to just be average which is why everyone does it.  What’s difficult is putting in the time and effort in order to be great.  It takes consistent maximum effort.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Why Now?

What brings this up now is I had someone at work, put off extra training that would benefit them now in order to show progress later.  That extra work would help create a case to get promoted early; however, they were told it would be better to wait to complete the training, so that way once they are promoted, it would show that they completed something important while in their new position.  Whoever told them that, was leading them astray.  Obviously, someone didn’t read my post about my philosophy: Maximize Your Time and Develop Your Skill Set.

If you wake up every single day and you attack it with everything you have, you will see the progress.  You won’t be worried about not having something to do later on showing how great you are, because you would be great every single day and no one would question it, but the haters.

The Haters

The haters are the ones who will lead you off the path of greatness because of fear.  Fear that you will be so much greater than them.  They believe that it’s ok to be average because hard work is hard.  Being successful is not easy and they would rather take the easy route. How will you face adversity?  Don’t let them stop you!  Don’t let them hold you back!

Do not lower your standards in fear that you cannot show consistent success.  If you believe in yourself, if you believe in your dream and making it a reality, then you are set.  You will put in the work everyday.  There are so many opportunities out there for you, you just need to keep working at them.  Open your eyes and find them.  You will be successful, but whatever you do, don’t be average.


Listen to this

One of the most motivating videos I watch is by Billy Allsbrooks called “Average is the Plague” which you can listen to here.  The video expresses how being average will consume your life if you let it.  Raise your Standards!  Don’t let the average mindset consume any part of your life because it won’t stop in just one spot.  It will continue until all you are is average.  You’ll realize how easy it is to be just like everyone else and you won’t want to work as hard.  Be strong of heart, will and mind!

What’s your excuse?


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