Create a Vision Board for Success

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Last week, I mentioned the importance of visualizing your goals and that a vision board would be a great tool in order to do that.  This past weekend, after putting it off for so long, I finally put mine together.  It’s still missing a few things, but we’ll discuss that later below.  It’s important to consistently remind yourself what your goals are and what’s your purpose behind them.  Why are you waking up at 5am?  What will you gain my waking up so early, after going to bed so late?  What is your ultimate dream?  Your vision board will help with that.  Let’s start by answering: What is a vision board?

What is a vision board?

A vision board is any type of board (dry erase, cork board, a chalkboard, a block of wood, sturdy cardboard) that has pictures or words that will help remind you of where you want your life to be down the road.  That road could be a few months, to a year, to several years.  It’s a visual interpretation of your dreams and goals in life.  It should be placed somewhere that can be looked at constantly throughout the day, such as a desk, nightstand or kitchen.  It should not be placed somewhere that you may going a day or two without seeing, such as a walk in closet, an attic or your child’s bedroom.

When you’re struggling to find that motivation to continue pushing through life’s challenges, you can look at your vision board and remind yourself why you’re going through these challenges and still grinding through it: because your dreams are on the other side.  You will be able to push through these obstacles and come out stronger, which will lead you to the success of your dreams.


What should you put on a vision board?

Anything that you will interpret as your dream or your goal.  Something that reminds you of what you want in your life.  Whatever the representation is, needs to hit you hard.  It needs to ignite that fire in your heart and that twinkle in your eye and makes you say, “Let’s get it!”

Your vision board is for you, and only you!  It’s not for your neighbors to see, it’s not for your friends to know why you’re so busy and not partying with you and it’s not for your family to see that you are actively working on getting out of their basement or getting going to be a success in life.  It doesn’t matter if they see it and laugh at you, it doesn’t matter if they see it and tell you that none of it will happen because it’s not for them.  It is for your eyes, it is for your dreams and aspirations, it is a tool to help you get the most out of your life and be the best version of yourself.  Everyone deserves to be happy and has every opportunity to be successful.  Creating a vision board will help pick you up when you stumble, if you let it.

You must find a way to constantly remind yourself of the purpose to your struggles, to keep on the grind and to never give up.  It’s a constant source of motivation when you don’t feel like doing it.  Visualize your success!

My vision board

Here is what my vision board looks like:


Here is my explanation of each picture:

At the very type is my brand name Melvin.  It’s very obvious what this picture is about: this blog and where it’s headed.  I want to continue growing this into an impactful business and be able to help as many people as I can live a more fulfilling life.  I want them to live a positive and productive life.  I want people to active the beast inside of them and become the best version of themselves.

On the right hand side, I have 3 people Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins and Mark Cuban.  Why?  Both Eric Thomas and Tony Robbins are the role models I aspire to be like.  They both came from their struggles and they are making a huge lasting impact on other people’s lives, helping them become better versions of themselves.  They are the reason that I wanted to become a motivational speaker and create some business to help people.  Mark Cuban is on there because of his brilliance as an entrepreneur.  He has made so much money as an entrepreneur and has helped so many people due to his investments.  (Also, it would be a dream to own a basketball team one day, but that’s just a dream).  *My wife will roll her eyes at that sentence, haha.

I have on there a picture of money.  I don’t care about having millions of dollars, but I want to be wealthy enough, that I don’t have to worry about an economic recession or worry that my kids won’t be able to afford college.  I want to have a mindset of Mark Cuban, and be able to have wise investments and take care of my family.

I want to be able to take that money, and buy a beautiful house with it.  I’ve never lived in a house, I lived in a condominium? I think, but mostly just apartments and below.  My wife and I always talk about our future home, where we want it to be and what we want in it.  The most important room in the whole house would be the kitchen.  It would have to be open, white, modern, big and have an island.  My wife would teach the kids how to cook so they have something to carry on with them when they get older.

I would be able to use the kitchen, and make sure that I was living a healthier lifestyle.  On the top left, I have a picture of Michael Matthews.  He is the author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger.  In his book, he says it is important to visualize the type of body you want to have, otherwise that cake and ice cream will be screaming your name and you will not avoid its temptations.  When you’re actively working on your body, you may see some progress, but it will get frustrating not seeing the results you want right away.  The picture is just a constant reminder of your goal.

3 pictures left!

At the very bottom, I have a picture of the beach.  This is my idea of relaxing and refocusing.  It’s important to practice self-care to keep your mind, body and spirit in the fight.  If you don’t take care of yourself, then who will?

Right about that, I have a mini-library in a home.  I’ve always dreamed about having an enormous bookshelf full of books.  But not just any books on display, I want them to be books I’ve read.  I want to show my children the importance of reading and inspire them to never stop learning.  When I was younger, we had a book shelf, but I never really read any of the books because they were either for show, or they were reference books, such as encyclopedias (yes, I just showed my age).  It’s important to learn something new every day and this would just be another reminder.

And last, but not least, in the center of my vision board, I have one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It was Valentine’s Day 2014.  It was my wife and my first date, just the two of us.  We were taking so many pictures and this was just a raw moment of us being silly.  It was one of the happiest days of my life and that feeling of love fills my heart.  My family is very important to me and I want to ensure that they get the best life they can and I want to make sure that they are happy.

The only thing missing on my board right now is a picture of my girls, Blair and Zoe.  I don’t have an updated picture of the two of them printed out right now, but once I do, that will also go in the center.

What’s next?

It’s your turn now.  Hopefully, this inspired you to create your own vision board.  What will you put on it?  What dreams will this help you inspire?  In the comment section, tell me what your top 3 pictures will be for your vision board.  Don’t forget to subscribe!



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