Re-evaluate Your Goals

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At the beginning of the year, we all thought that 2020 was the one.  We thought it would be great and we would accomplish everything our heart desired, but then things changed.  We all got affected by COVID-19 and most of us were forced to stay home.  Some people lost their jobs wondering where and when they would find work or what would the economy look like when we beat this disease.  So, where do we all go from here?

It’s time to re-evaluate our goals.

So, you’ve written your New Year’s Resolution and made a list of your 2020 goals.  If you created these goals, then you’ve been keeping track of your monthly or weekly progress.  (I’ve kept track of my progress by month.  You can look it January/February here and March here.  April’s progress will be published soon.) Hopefully, you’ve found a way to visualize your goals and your dreams, whether that’s a vision board or whatever other method you decided. Now, it’s time to re-evaluate our goals.


With the past few months of quarantine, some of your goals have proven difficult to accomplish, which leaves the light on for other goals to shine. Some goals have been proven to be unimportant or not heartfelt.

Look at your list of goals and find out which goals resonate with you.  Which of your goals are steps to get the vision you set in place on your vision board.  Re-arrange your goals and prioritize them with your current views.  Cross off the goals that don’t resonate with you and your dreams and change your plan of action.  It’s time to adapt and overcome the struggles that this virus has set in place for us and show the world that humanity is stronger than that.

Consider this:  Look at the vision board you created and write goals based off of that.  Compare your new list with the one you wrote at the beginning of the year.  Update your list of goals and your action plan.

One goal that I’ve recently changed due to my post, Be True to Yourself, is my reading goal.  I don’t want to read just any book per month, but something that is going to be beneficial in my long-term goals.

Something that will help me change peoples’ lives and help them create the best version of themselves.  That means studying the greats and the up and coming stars in motivational speaking and life coaching.  Earlier in the year, I had been alternating books and those books didn’t resonate with me.  I was reading them to read them.  It was for show, not for me or helping other people.

Make the changes you need to make in your life.  It’s ok to be nervous about the unknown, but that’s how you become great.

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