April Progress Report

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This has been one of the best months for my blog so far and I am forever thankful to everyone who has been reading it and engaging with me.  This has been the second best month in views and it is on track to be the best year of views ever!  How have you been doing on your New Year’s resolution?  What about your 2020 goals?

We need to keep track of our monthly progress on our goals, so here is my monthly progress that can be used for inspiration:

april progress report

Due to all of the protective procedures being put in place, I was limited in a handful of my goals this month, but that means I was able to give more attention to some of the other goals.  The following goals made no progress due to COVID-19:

  • Become an exceptional presenter/educator
  • Travel more this year
  • Attending local classes
  • Volunteering
  1. Become debt-free-The good thing about the COVID-19 is that we are spending a lot less because we cannot travel and now, we cannot even go out to eat. At the beginning of the year, it seemed far-fetched to think that we could become debt-free, so the goal was settled to cut the debt in half. Well, we’re only 4 completed months of the year and we have cut our debt in half! It is such a great feeling to start to see some results of working on finances. It’s relieving seeing a 0 debt balance on a credit card.
    The paper is now completely yellow!
  2. Improve my cardiovascular health-This month has been terrible. Too many excuses were made in the month of April, but May will be a different story completely.  By the end of May, I will show everyone the significant progress I will make.  I’m focusing on a plan to ensure this is a top priority.
  3. Go to the pool once every week.-Again, too many excuses were made and my disbelief in the pool even being open. Changes will be made in May.
  4. I want to utilize my planner to improve planning.-Using a planner has been an up and down process for me. It’s a great organizational tool to use and I don’t always use it to its full potential.  My process has gotten better, but improvement can continue to happen.  One thing I intend to improve is writing down specific goals for my blog and where I want it to be at certain points.
  5. Keep the children engaged in activities.-This month, Zoe was supposed to go to the Yochien with Blair. We picked up her uniforms on April 3rd and on the 4th, we were told that we could not send her until further notice.  It was a huge letdown, but in the best interest of everyone.  We are looking forward to when we can send her.
    Even though, they’re not going to their classes, we have been keeping them engaged.  Our kitchen arrived in the mail this month and Blair and Zoe have been very engaged in with cooking and cleaning up.  We also bought them some activity books to work on cutting and coloring.  They’ve also been getting back into their dry erase workbooks for writing letters.
  6. One new goal I am adding to this is creating a schedule for them to continue educational activities each day.
  1. Read 1 book per month.-What’s interesting about this goal is how it inspired my post: Be True to Yourself. I had a book that I was interested in, but I hadn’t even opened it in such a long time. I self-reflected and realized I was reading for the wrong reasons.  I was reading to show off that I was reading, instead of being passionate about what I was reading.  I decided to change my approach and began reading Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins and I’ve read 100 pages already and loving every minute of it.
  2. Write 3000 words per week.-This has been one of the best months for be in terms of my blog and my writing. My consistency showed by having the second best month of views.  I had a post every Monday and Wednesday in the month of April and my posts were lengthy enough because they had value in them, compared to a quick message or idea.
  3. Gain 1000 followers on Facebook, 500 on WordPress, 1,500 on Instagram and 100k views on Pinterest.– Again, Instagram took a backseat due to my focus on Pinterest this month. With my focus being on Pinterest, I was able to change my monthly views from 30k to 85k! I have learned so much from my strategy to the point, I have an even better one for May. I began going back to my older posts and recreating pins for them to gain more traffic to these posts.I finally made it over the hump on Facebook and I now have 515 likes on my Facebook page with 195 on WordPress.  My strategy for May is to increase the engagement, not just the number of likes on the page.
  4. Create a product that I can distribute to my followers.– I’m currently working on a weekly planner that would be a freebie upon email subscription.  The issue I have is that I can’t use that plugin due to my plan I have on WordPress.  In June, I intend to upgrade my plan and be able to utilize plug-ins and sell merchandise.
  5. Provide services to at least 2 clients as a life coach.– Currently, I’m not close to being able to provide these services; however, I have been doing more research on how to make this happen.
  6. Maintain a reflection journal.– I have not been very good at maintaining a journal; however, with my idea of the weekly planner, I have created daily questions that I will be asking myself to achieve this goal in May.
  7. Create at least one video.-Again, I have not been steadily working on this; however, I have done more research and working on an area to create home videos.  I’m looking forward to starting this process.
  8. Attend webinars.-With the quarantine and restrictions being put in place, it’s the perfect time to attend webinars.  While I have not attended any in April, I have subscribed to many more blogs that have given out a lot more resources to utilize and they have had me brainstorming a lot more on improvements to my blog.What progress have you made on your goals?  What corrective action plan are you making to get yourself back on track?  Are you still making excuses?  Stop making those excuses.
  9. Write your progress on your top 3 goals in the comment section below.  Look at the progress you’ve made in one month time span and look for inspiration among each other.

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