Prepping For A Fitness Transformation

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My fitness has been an up and down roller coaster for as long as I can remember.  I’ve had some times where I lasted a long time being consistent and I’ve had times where I lasted a day or two.  But enough is enough.  I need to make a better fitness transformation of myself to be the best version of myself.

In my goals for 2020, I had my number 3 and 4 goals pertaining to my health and fitness.  I wanted to be a lean healthy weight by incorporating more cardiovascular workouts and getting over my fear of swimming.  But wanting is not enough.  Obsession and sacrifice are required.

Recently, something snapped in me that made me realize how behind I’m getting in these goals.  A lot of it has to do with my blog and the fact that I have to hold myself accountable by telling everyone whether I’m succeeding or failing.  The other part is the fact that we’ve been in this quarantine status where we’re limited in doing activities. I’m always at home feeling tired vice energetic toward my passions.

Another reason I found a passion in my fitness again is that I finally made my vision board.  I had been putting it off for some reason, and once I made it, my energy has gone up to accomplish what it is that I want in life.  One of those things is that I want to be lean and fit.  On my vision board, which you can see here, is the body type that I want to have after my fitness transformation.  It’s important to visualize what it is that you want, otherwise you forget what your purpose and your end goal is. 

My habits and my routines need to be changed in order to show any improvement in my fitness. So, this week I’ve been becoming more involved in my fitness by focusing on my habits, routines, workouts and goals.  So, what do I need to do?

Write down specific times

It’s one thing to write out a workout or know what you’re going to do, but by putting a specific time on your workout, it will increase the chances of the workout happening.  If you plan out your days and devote an exact time block to your fitness, you will make it happen and your fitness transformation will be an ongoing and continuous process.

Have weekly and monthly goals.

One issue that I have had is that I make my next month’s goals, at the beginning of the month.  I realized that I need to prepare my goals, 2 and 3 months at a time. At the end of each month, I can adjust my course of action and adapt from there.  If it’s not there in advance, the forward thinking slows down and the journey seems shorter. 

When you begin a workout regimen and it’s a 12 week program, you know what you’re going to do for the next 12 weeks.  If you’re working on a go with the flow workouts, then your chances of failing increase. In order to transform your life, you need to prepare yourself. 

What are your macronutrient requirements?

After I read Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, I began following Michael Matthews.  I follow his website when I need nutrition or fitness advice.  I used a macronutrient calculator, here, to calculate my daily nutrients.  Getting the body you want is not just about the calories, but proteins, carbs and fats, too.

Based off of this calculator, I can make a better nutrition plan, make a weekly meal plan and adhere to it.  The one issue I do run into is not eating the same thing that my family eats.  That’s a sacrifice that I’m going to have to make.

Moving forward

Moving forward, in order to make this fitness transformation happen, there’s a handful of things I need to continue working on.

Proper workout, proper nutrition plan, better morning and night routines, better habits, get over fears, reflection and obsession.

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Fitness Transformation

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