First Week of June Fitness Progress

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My fitness transformation is underway and here is my fitness progress for the first week of June. If you read my post last Sunday (which you can check it out here), then you know I said I was going to run 100 miles this month. And, unfortunately, I feel like I was too optimistic. To me, a goal of 100 miles was just a goal, but it had no action plan attached. I suggested I would run a 10 mile run; however, again, if I don’t run 10 miles, the chances of me running 100 miles in the month, goes down.

So, I looked up training plans to run a half-marathon and created my own training plan. This week my training plan looks like this:


Monday-3 mile run

Tuesday– 1 hour bike ride

Wednesday– 4 mile run

Thursday-3 mile run


Saturday-7 mile run

Total: 17 miles


With my running and my changes in my diet, I have lost a couple of pounds. Those pounds were lost without an actual meal plan, though. This week, I am trying to focus on a set eating schedule. If I focus on my 2000-2300 calories diet that would help me lose weight, this is what I would set my plan up to be:

Breakfast: Protein shake

Morning snack: granola bar

Lunch: Smoothie

Afternoon snack: Rice cakes

Dinner: TBD (700-1000 calories)

Late night snack: Cottage cheese or parfait

TBD gives me wiggle room to put whatever I want in order to satisfy my cravings. I have the ability to mix things up and it also allows me to learn how to cook better.

Water Intake

One of my struggles has always been ensuring I drink enough water. I tend to like the flavored drinks, caffeine and coffee. But, in order to ensure that I take care of my body right, I need to have a focus on drinking more water. Moving forward, I need to track how much water I actually am drinking and ensure I’m drinking at least a gallon and a half.


Another preparation step, that I made was buying new running shoes. I haven’t bought new running shoes in a couple of years. The pair I have been running with has been causing me to get blisters, so that’s how I knew I needed to make a change.

Nike Downshifter

I tried on half a dozen shoes to make sure I had the right fit. Due to the COVID19 restrictions, I couldn’t go where I wanted to go to try and find the best pair of shoes.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, my goal is to stick to the plans that I created for my workout and my nutrition. I need to record my workout and daily nutrition to ensure I keep up with it. I’m going to ensure I am tracking how much water I am taking.

I am hoping that by putting myself out there and the journey that I am on, I will be able to inspire someone, anyone to take the first step in being the best version of themselves. I hope you continue to follow me on my journey by hitting the subscribe button and seeing my fitness progress each week.

I’ll be posting more regularly on my Instagram in regards to my fitness transformation. I hope to hear how you’re doing on your journey, as well.

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