May’s Goal Progress Report

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So, I wanted to do my goals progress report for May a little differently.  Instead of putting my progress on every single goal, I’m will just express some highlights and key takeaways.  If you want the full list of my 2020 goals, you can look at them here.

Improvement in Health and Wellness

If you’ve been following me for the past couple weeks, whether on here or on my Instagram, you would know that I made it a priority to change my health and wellness and make a fitness transformation.  You can read that commitment here

I’m honestly proud of myself for making a commitment to my health and sticking with it.  I’ve consistently gone back and forth on what I want and how I go about it, but so far, my mindset has been committed and my actions express that.

I’ve been able to make a weekly blog update on my progress as well on Sundays and I continue to do so.


While, most group gatherings are still not allowed, I was able to continue educating myself through webinars.  I attended 2 different webinars, one was about affiliate marketing and the other was on creating a podcast.  Both of these webinars taught me so much and fortunately enough for me, it was free!


The great thing about free webinars is that they really put forth the effort to give valuable information because they hope to secure you as a recurring customer.

I haven’t been able to successfully add affiliate marketing into my blog, yet, as I continue to learn how to do it effectively. One of the first things mentioned in the webinar by Pat Flynn was that he made 5 million dollars since 2008 and 80% of that was in affiliate marketing alone.  That’s over $400,000 per year! That is insane!


Podcasting has always been intriguing to me.  My goal was to create a video for some time now, but I think doing a monthly podcast or once every 2 weeks might be beneficial in providing a better service and helping people. There are over 500 million blogs, 31 million YouTube channels and Podcasting has recently reached 1 million podcasts.

Podcasting is definitely on the rise and might be the best way to provide information to people in the future.  Joe Rogan recently struck a deal with Spotify to be exclusive for $100 million.  Imagine making this much money just talking to people about whatever it is that you want.  You would be making so much money doing what you love.  

What are your thoughts on me creating a podcast where I discuss ways to be the best version of yourself and interviewing people and how they became successful?  Please comment below because I genuinely want to hear what your thoughts are on this.

Improving my blog

With my birthday coming up shortly, it has been my intention to upgrade my blog and invest more time and money to improve the quality of it.  I have been racking my brain every single day on how I will improve the blog and I’m honestly very excited with the ideas I have come up with so far.

I want to be able to send out weekly emails to everyone who follows me and provide products and services that will help you become the best version of yourself. That’s where my focus has been this month.  Lots of reading and researching about what to do with my blog to make it better for you.

What is it that has drawn you to my blog so far?  What information can I provide you to help you become the best version of yourself?

Social Media

This month I wrote out my dally expectations of my social media use.  I created a plan to follow that would help me reach more people.  My Instagram account is where I saw the most improvement.  I used to focus on liking other people’s content and expecting likes in return, but what I realized is that I was making a connection.

Human nature is about making a connection with someone or something else.  If my content doesn’t connect with you, I can still engage you by messaging you or commenting on posts.  I realized that was the disconnect for me.  How I didn’t realize sooner is probably the intimidation factor, but I’m not going to let fear stop me anymore.

I’ve made all of these changes this month because I was able to push through fear and tell it to stop holding me back form my success.

I’ve slowed down on Pinterest just a bit as I continue to grow the monthly views, where I currently stand at 122k.  There is a handful of changes I intend to incorporate here as well.  I began learning more about Tailwind as every blogger swears up and down by it.  I’m looking at using it more next month to increase traffic specifically to my blog instead of just my Pinterest profile.

Reflect Daily

One thing I have intended to do is to reflect in a journal daily.  The way I’ve been able to start accomplishing this is by setting aside time to complete it.  I have a daily alarm that goes off at 10pm that says to reflect and plan.  I pull out my journal and I answer 3 important questions:

  • What did I succeed in today?
  • What did I fail in today?
  • How can I improve?

Once I’m able to put these thoughts on paper, they tend to stick more and it’s a great stress reliever.

After that, I pull out my planner and see what I have scheduled for the next day and I write out my to-do list.

Children’s activities

With the Blair and Zoe unable to go to school in May, my wife dedicated her paycheck and her time to finding learning activities for the kids.  I cannot express the amount of energy that she put into taking care of them.  She found many printable materials, books and toys for the kids to supplement any school they would be getting.  

We found a lot of Kumon books to work on their motor skills, books to get them engaged with creativity and science, books to help them learn to read, etc.  With the materials, they have improved their counting, their understanding of the planets, along with days and months of the year.

Final Thoughts

This blog post on May’s progress on goals was delayed due to me upgrading my site.  I was so lost with all of the recent changes that it took me awhile to  understand what the next step was.  There will be A LOT of changes this month with my blog and I am excited for all of the changes.  It will be a struggle, but the future months content will be worth it.

I will be looking at how to expand on this blog and provide better content and service.  That may be through a podcast, video or life coaching services.

How was your goal progress in May?  What were your success?  What lessons did you learn?  Please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.




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