Fitness Transformation Update

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I haven’t been active on my blog for far too long and it’s made me feel like a part of me was missing.  It’s time to make more time to focus on self-care and this is the way that I do that. This is the way I am able to relieve stress and also plan and reflect.


In my previous posts, I mentioned that I was working on my fitness transformation.  My goals were running based, but what happened was that I wasn’t enjoying it.  I wasn’t finding myself waking up early, happy and motivated for a run.  I failed at that drastically.  But, with failure comes success.  You must have failures to know what doesn’t work and that will help lead you to what does work.  Thomas Edison made over 1000 attempts at his inventions, but he was able to find what did work.

So, what did I do?  I found what made me happy.  I started going back to the gym.  With COVID, we have to wear masks in the gym and I made the excuse that it ruined the workout.  It would be too difficult to work out and wear a mask, until I did it.  When I first went to the gym, it honestly wasn’t that bad.  The feeling that I got was exhilarating.

I’m not sure what the trigger was that got me on my current workout regimen, but whatever it was, I am thankful for it.  I’ve always loved the products created by Jim Stoppani and I have done one of his workouts, Shortcut to Shred, in the past and I had great results.  I bought his newest fat burner and it came with a code to get free access to his workout regimen SS8, or Super Shred 8.


I downloaded his app and scheduled the first 2 weeks of workouts and I started at Phase 1 in the diet plan.  The workouts absolutely have been kicking my butt.  Everything is supersets.  The first 2 exercises are supersets, followed by the next 2, etc.  After every muscle group is complete, I do Tabata.  Tabata is high-intensity interval training for 4 minutes.  Each day focused on 3 muscle groups, so I end each workout with a total of 12 minutes cardio.

In the first 2 weeks, I made one significant mistake.  I started my diet on Phase 1.  There are 7 different phases in the diet and you don’t have to start at Phase 1, but I did.  What I should have done was started on Phase 3 because at that time I was already paying attention to my macros and my calorie intake.  Because I started off on Phase 1, I was gaining weight instead of losing weight.

After week 1, I made the change and moved to Phase 3 in the diet and I lost 3 pounds in the second week.  That’s 1.5g protein x my weight, 1g carbs x my weight and .5g fat x my weight.  The diet doesn’t make me want to quit.  Instead it has inspired me.  I have significantly less caffeine now due to the supplements that I take and my hunger is curved because I eat every few hours.  Anytime I feel myself want to cave, I remember my why.  I remember the reason why I am going through all of this in the first place.  That’s what keeps me going.

I will continue to wake up really early in the morning to make sure I get to the gym.  It’s peaceful in the morning because the gym tends to be empty.

Through this regimen, I can honestly say I feel lighter, stronger and healthier.  I have the mindset that I will not fail.  I will continue this program to the end and continue working on my health.  This is my priority.  My health does not take a backseat anymore.


Taking care of your health is an investment and with that, I have had to spend money on my workout gear, food, supplements etc.  I can look at it as I have spent a lot more money than usual, but the way I see it is that I am investing that money, not just spending.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.  If you’re not making the necessary changes in your life, what’s your excuse?

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