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It’s been a year since I had some regularity with my blog and that’s because a lot has happened over the past year that took my priorities away from here. Luckily, a lot has changed from this past year and I can give much more attention to where my passion lies. I never truly forgot about this or where I wanted to go, but my focus had to go to my full-time job and my family. But it’s safe to say, I’m back in action.

The biggest change that has allowed me to refocus my energy and my attention here is the fact that I’m getting out of the military. It has been such a crazy, but incredible journey from when I first joined the military in 2011 to now. At the end of the day, I had to make a tough decision on what was best for my family and for myself. It was never really my intention to get out at this time and honestly it hurt me deep down to remove such a key part of my identity. It’s taken me quite some time to come to grips with my decision and a part of me is still not over it, but life continues.

back in action

Since I’ve made my decision, there is still so much uncertainty that clouds our future. So while my family and I stress about our future, one thing is certain: I will continue with this blog and do even more.

What’s happened?

Let’s catch up. I began to fall behind in my blog when I had a bigger leadership role at work. When that happened, my focus became ensuring some kind of structure was created at work and people were developing consistently. Primary concerns were communication, organization and leadership. My biggest passion is impacting people in a positive way by assisted them in creating better versions of themselves. Now that I’m out of that role, I can do the same thing for everyone else.

If I ever needed more motivation to make dreams a reality, I got them. My son, Jamie, was born in May in a crazy night. His two big sisters already love taking care of him.

Now, I’m officially back in the U.S., but where I will end up is a mystery. I have my preference, but we will see.

What actions are next?

Normally, at the beginning of the year, I post what my yearly goals are. This year, I didn’t do that due to me being away from blogging for so long. Next week, I will write out my goals for the remainder of the year and share that with you all to hold myself accountable.

There will be at least one blog post per week that adds value to you. You should begin to see more structure in my writing.

My social media will improve, but I will be focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram. Once I get a better handle on it, then I may create a TikTok account, but stay tuned for that.

My biggest goal and my biggest push in these next few months is to harness my life coaching skills and begin providing coaching services. I have been working on it everyday and each day, I’m that much closer to beginning.

I have plenty of other ideas that are going on in my head and that I write down and they make me very excited for the future.

How can you help?

Stick with me. Your support means everything to me and I appreciate everything. If you enjoy my material, please subscribe, comment and share. If you don’t enjoy it, let me know.

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