Invest in Yourself

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The ups and downs of this pandemic have been absolutely crazy and have impacted everyone in some way, shape or form.  Some people lost loved ones; some people lost their jobs.  Most people have been kept indoors for a lengthy period of time within the past 2 years, but what did you do with that time?  Businesses and schools adapted by going virtual, but how did you adapt?  This is a legitimate question.  If you haven’t found a way to improve yourself and to continue your development, then you did yourself an injustice.  This was the perfect time to invest in yourself.

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Physical Investment

How do you invest in yourself? LeBron James invests $1.5 million on his body every year.  I’m not saying you have to spend that kind of money, but the concept is still the same.  LeBron James knows the importance of investing in himself, so you should too.  How can you invest in your body?  Proper nutrition and exercise.  Buying the right foods, going to the gym, going for a run and creating your own gym in your home are a few options on how to invest in your body.  You can also hire a personal fitness coach or a nutritionist that are available in person and online. 

Having the right mattress can also be a way to invest in your body.  Imagine the effects of getting a great night’s sleep, every single night.  I’ve recently listened to a podcast that enlightened me on the importance of sleep and how to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.  You can listen to that episode here.

Mental Development

One of the most important things to me is education.  If you’re not learning something new every day, then you have wasted your day.  You can learn for free, too.  Social media has gotten so big, that you can learn a handful of new things just be going on TikTok and looking for information.  You can go on YouTube and watch a video on literally whatever!  Podcasts are available at your fingertips!  Take a trip to your local library and check out a book, or spend money buying a book.

If you’re ok spending money, then you can consider looking at online courses, webinars or even ebooks.  Just do your research and you can find a lot of different options.

Going to college and earning your degree is also an option.  You can also go to your local community college to take courses or go to an online school.  If you are concerned about paying for school consider these two sites: FAFSA, offers Pell grants to help pay for you school and also Peterson’s, where you can search for scholarship opportunities.  These scholarships can be won by simply submitting an essay, writing a business proposal and more.  You can also consider taking CLEP or DANTES tests where you take a test and get credit for taking the course, saving valuable time.  Vocational and trade schools are also a great option. 

One option that you may not know about is a site: Coursera.  You can take classes that are taught by Ivy League schools or big companies such as IBM or Google without paying anything.  You literally get taught all of this information and you don’t have to pay to learn.  The only time you have to pay, is if you want a certificate of completion for the course. 

Bottom Line

Bottom line: There are so many options out there on how you can invest in yourself!

Develop skill set

My personal philosophy is maximize your time and develop your skill set.  So find something new to learn today.  Right now, I’m investing in myself by reading daily and do research on what is going on in the world, such as NFTs.  What are you doing to invest in yourself?  If you’re not, what’s your excuse?


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