Hello, my name is Matt Findora and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.  I joined the Marines in 2011 because I wanted to become a leader and have better opportunities in life.  In 2021, I left the military to start the next chapter of my life.  I have been very fortunate to have many blessings fall into my lap such as my amazing wife, Pebbles, my two daughters Blair and Zoe and my son Jamie.  They will always be my biggest accomplishment in life and they are my why. It has also been a personal mission of mine to help others create better versions of themselves.

I’ve managed to go from a living a negative lifestyle to a positive lifestyle and made something of myself.  With this blog, I help people live a more fulfilled life by  fostering positivity and improving personal productivity.  I am also a certified life coach willing to coach clients individually.  For more information on me, you can check out my blog post titled Let’s Get Intimate.  These ideas and concepts I write about are strictly my own and, at times, I will reference other great leaders in our world today.

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