The Golden Rule

The golden rule that we are all taught growing up is: do onto others as you wish onto you.  This concept seems to be a forgotten concept.  Let’s take my work for example.  When people deal with difficult or negative situations, they want others to feel what they went through as well.  If things were … More The Golden Rule

Ride the Momentum

The hardest step toward success is the first one.  After that, it is the second.  It is a matter of discipline and consistency, as Denzel Washington likes to say.  What happens when you accomplish one of the goals you set forth to do?  You get endorphins to run through your body and give a sense … More Ride the Momentum

Effort is Contagious

Effort is contagious.  It’s an infectious cure that goes around and helps push some people to the next level.  We are all influencers and with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Most of us do not like getting outworked and we respond to it in different ways.  We will either work harder … More Effort is Contagious