New Year, Better Me

Oftentimes, when the new year rolls around everyone makes their New Years resolution and makes their social media posts all about “New Year, New Me.”  Why does it have to be “new me” and why isn’t it “better me?” People are trying to reinvent themselves as if everything they’ve done in the past year or … More New Year, Better Me

Fight or Flight

My wife will be giving birth on Monday, which means she’s in her nesting period right now.  We both are stretching ourselves very thin in order to get everything cleaned and ready for the new baby.  Last night, we took care of our grocery shopping, which takes hours because we have to go to different … More Fight or Flight

Create a Plan

On the last blog post, I discussed effective time management and creating a schedule.  This post is a caveat.  Having a “wing-it” approach isn’t going to work if you want to succeed.  You might be able to make it work for that one instance to get by, but in the long-run, it will only hurt … More Create a Plan