Stop Holding On…

One difficult thing in living a happy life is all of the negative things that happen in your life, but it’s all about your mindset.  It’s how you handle these situations that will affect you for the rest of your life.  Stop holding on and stop dwelling on all of these things you can’t control … More Stop Holding On…

How to get ahead

    There are so many ways to get ahead and one of the most important is often times overlooked: sacrifice your Friday nights and sacrifice your weekends.  Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself how you’re spending your weekend.  Most people will just want to relax, sleep and maybe play some … More How to get ahead

Be Adaptable!

My wife will hate me for posting this picture of her haha. When my wife and I were in the hospital last week, due to my wife being induced, I had a grand plan that would make everything work perfectly.  During the birth of our first child, my wife said I was physically there, but … More Be Adaptable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Today is the one day out of the year that we truly sit down and give thanks of everything we are appreciative of.  This year my wife and I welcomed a new baby girl into this world, Zoë Jade, and our second daughter, Blair Olivia, turned 2.  We are so blessed to … More Happy Thanksgiving!